About the Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is an expression of friendship between San Diego and its sister city Yokohama that binds the two cultures to create a unique experience for visitors from all over the world. Representing a new concept in the development of a Japanese garden outside of Japan, the Japanese Friendship Garden is well known for its unique setting, stone arrangement, koi pond, exhibition hall and ornamental tree collection. As a valued asset to Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego is also an educational resource to the community, providing a variety of seminars, classes and workshops as well as accredited horticultural classes. The Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego is proud to present a remarkable exhibition of a private collection of Japanese artifacts from around the world.

The latest renovation project, designed by landscape architect Takeo Uesugi, added our Exhibit Hall, Activity Center, and Koi Pond.The Garden was re-opened in September 1999 and sits on a new site that covers 2 acres of its 11 acre plot. The Garden is currently in the midst of an expansion which will be completed in time for the centennial celebration of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition.

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