Additional Resources

The Government of Japan
The official website of the Japanese Government. Gain access to the political as well as the cultural perspectives of Japan from its own government. Publications and resources are available in a variety of different languages (including English).

East-West Center

National Geographic - Japan
The National Geographic provides a stunning photo array of the various natural as well as human elements of Japan. Whether intending to travel or from the comfort of your classroom, theses photos provide a beautiful scenic insight into Japan.

Official Japan Tourism Guide for Japan Travel

NHK Japan
In addition, NHK provides a series of videos dedicated to learning the Japanese language.

The Asia-Pacific Journal

Japan - Coverage from The Guardian

Japan - Coverage from The New York TImes

The Japan Foundation, Los Angelas

The Japan House, Los Angelos

Japan Society, New York
Additionally, the Japan Society provides a very well-rounded teacher’s resource relating to various aspects of Japan.

Japanese American National Museum

During World War II-era, Japanese-Americans were incarcerated in concentration camps throughout the United States.

To learn more about the Japanese-American culture in the United States, this website provides a very contemporary discussion into the topic.

Gardena Valley - Japanese Cultural Institute