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Constructs: The Art of Saori Weaving

Sophie's Gallery presents Constructs: The Art of Saori Weaving at the Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego. Constructs features hand-woven clothing, accessories, woven wall hangings and banners along with a collection of mosaic and fused glass art made by the artists of Sophie's Gallery, the off-campus art program of St. Madeleine Sophie's Center (SMSC).

The Saori method of weaving is based on the philosophy of freestyle weaving for everyone and emphasizes that there are no mistakes in art. Sophie's weaving program began in 2010 when a Saori loom was purchased from the son of the Saori founder, Kenzo Jo, at the International Conference on Arts & Disabilities held in Washington DC. The Saori loom includes adaptive equipment for hands-free and foot-free weaving as well as height adjustibility for wheelchairs, making it a perfect fit for St. Madeleine's students. Sophie's weaving classes are comprised of 3 to 4 weavers at a time working in 15-minute shifts. Together they weave the material for clothing and wall hangings using organic fibers such as wool, silk and bamboo to increase the quality of the finished products. Sophie's weaving program makes a difference in the lives of the artists, giving them self-confidence, greater independence and a chance to let the world know about their talents.

Constructs will run from August 9th - October 27th at the Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego.