Volunteer for December Nights 2017!


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Join our legendary yakisoba army!

During December Nights, the Japanese Friendship Garden entrance plaza turns into a pop-up restaurant, virtually run by our volunteers. Between our famed yakisoba chefs, assembly crew, cashiers, drinks handlers and more, we wow the crowds with quick service and delicious foods. It's a thrilling way to knock out community service hours and make some new friends in the process!

Are you ready to join our team of volunteers in running an exciting, fast-paced yakisoba shop? Sign up below! 

Note for groups: all group members should sign up individually. This is to ensure all group members receive all necessary information.

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Now that you've signed up to volunteer for December Nights, here's all the information you need to know....

  • Only one shift per day is allowed. You can stay longer for your shift, but only sign up for one shift per day. One for each day is okay.
  • Volunteers looking for community service hours must sign in and out to get your letter of hours.
  • Dress in layers! It gets cooooold, especially at night. comfortable clothes, clothes that you can wash
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Be prepared to stay on your feet for your entire shift.
  • Personal belongings can be stored in check-in, but we are not responsible for theft.
  • This opportunity does not lend itself to enjoying December Nights as a guest. So if you want to attend the festival, do it before or after your shift. [remove??]
  • a meal is your volunteer benefit (30 minute break)

Getting to the festival

  • Parking and traffic is awful! It's highly advised to GET DROPPED OFF!
  • Additional info about free/paid parking, shuttle services, and public transportation will be updated once we get closer to the event date.

If you have any questions or need special accommodations, feel free to contact us at volunteer@niwa.org

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