Artifact and Plant Donations

About the Collection

The Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego (JFG) permanent collection encompasses both living and non-living articles. The living collection includes roughly 400 varieties of native and non-native plants including trees, shrubs and ground cover, 15 – 20 show quality koi, and 10 – 20 Bonsai. The non-living collection of garden ornaments (i.e. gates, bridges, basins, and lanterns) and artifacts (i.e. dolls, scrolls, ceramic, prints, clothing, screens, toys, and folk art) is comprised of roughly 900 articles.


As a representation of the ties between Japan and the U.S., the Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG) recognizes the importance of collecting and preserving articles of Japanese arts, crafts, tradition, and heritage for educational and interpretive activities. The JFG also presents and documents its holdings for current and future generations.

The collections serve as invaluable assets for the purpose of increasing knowledge and enriching the cultural life of the community by creating a tangible link between United States and Japan.

Donation Procedures

The JFG has an ongoing program of art and plant acquisition, primarily through gift, donation, and bequest. New acquisitions support and enhance the strengths of the JFG’s permanent collection, as well as institutional initiatives.

Collection items acquired from gift, donation, or bequest should meet the basic acquisition criteria. Collection items must be consistent with the JFG’s mission and received in reasonably good condition. Collection items should be accompanied with proper documentation and records with verifiable provenance data. The JFG will not accept collections that will possibly destruct or negatively impact the existing collection. All donations are considered outright and unconditional gifts to be used at the discretion of the JFG.

Because of the JFG’s tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, donations are fully tax deductible since no goods or services other than those of insignificant value are provided in consideration of the donation.

The valuation of gifts remains the donor’s responsibility. Neither the JFG nor its staff shall appraise, or otherwise value objects for donors, or prospective donors.

Please follow these guidelines when donating:

  1. Call the office at (619) 232-2721 Ext. 1504 to speak to the Registrar & Exhibit Coordinator.

  2. Send images and associated information of the collection to or mail to:

    Japanese Friendship Garden
    Attn: Registrar & Exhibit Coordinator
    2125 Park Blvd. Ste. 2
    San Diego, CA 92101

  3. Donation acceptance is based on relevance to the JFG’s collection goal and mission. If collection adheres to the JFG’s criteria and goals, and is approved by the appropriate parties the Registrar & Exhibit Coordinator will follow-up with Donation Forms, along with date and time of transfer.

  4. The JFG will not accept donations without prior consultation and discussion with the Registrar & Exhibit Coordinator. Direct mailing or drop-off of collections at the JFG without prior notification will not be accepted.

Banner Photo Credit: Dominic Nepomuceno