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The International Coming of Age Ceremony

Location: Inamori Pavilion

When: Sunday, January 8 at 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Co-hosted by Azunakai and the Japanese Friendship Garden.

The Coming of Age Ceremony (Japanese: "Seijin-shiki") is an important rite of passage for many young Japanese adults in Japan, just turning twenty. Many of them attend a ceremony at their local community center, dressed in traditional kimono or western suits to celebrate the new chapter in their lives. Unmarried women have the chance to wear the elaborate long-sleeved kimono called furisode. Families and friends will take many photos together on this occasion.

This year JFG hosts its second international Coming of Age Ceremony. Students from all cultures and backgrounds are highly encouraged to attend this event. When possible, please wear the traditional clothes of your culture to represent it and bring an exciting dynamic to the event.

Kimono and hair dressing is available (sold in separate packages). Please arrive at least one or two hours prior to event and schedule an appointment with kimono dresser Yuko Niwa at or 858.752.2206. Kimono rentals start at $65 for the first six students and $70 thereafter.

Eligibility requirements: Young adults ages 18-22 years of age


Please carefully read the price categories and registration instructions below:

The cost of participating in the International Coming of Age Ceremony is as follows:


Participant Entry $15 - (includes full access to the garden, Inamori Pavilion, the ceremony, refreshments, and professional photographs.

$15 Participant fee is waived upon purchase of 3 or more $25 guest entries. Please enter the discount code "2017" when prompted to take advantage of this discount.

In addition, please send at least three of your childhood photos to be shown on a possible slideshow at the ceremony.

Guest Entry $25 (student guests with valid ID are $15) (children 12 and under are free)- (includes same full access described above, except guests sit separately from the participants during ceremony)

Kimono Rental Starting from $65 (sold separately)  - Kimono rentals are  arranged separately through Yuko Niwa at a bargain price. For participants bringing their own kimono and wished to be dressed, there is a $25 fee. Please contact Yuko at or 858.752.2206. Photos available upon request. Be sure to mention the Japanese Friendship Garden Coming of Age Ceremony to be eligible for this price. Read further conditions below.


Professional grade exclusive photo session available only with $20! 
- 15min photo session in the beautiful Japanese garden
- Including 15 to 20 selected high quality photos, memorable DVD and the shipment. 
- Registration
      1) Guest those who order kimono dressing: Please contact to Rental KimonoYUKO ( photo session could be scheduled as a part of Kimono dressing).
      2) Guest those who order only the photo session:  Please contact to Pacific Fusion Photography ( 


1. Kimono Rental is limited to 12 people (8 women and 4 men). Once all 12 kimonos are rented out, kimonos are available upon request but additional cost. 

2. Hair dressing is also available upon request (additional cost). (Limited to 6 people)

3. Please view the attached photos below of your kimono and make a request by email with the kimono description and number. 

4. Please arrive at least one to five hours prior to event (9am - 1pm) and schedule an appointment with kimono dresser Yuko Niwa.  

The day of the ceremony students can enter the garden at the front entrance and change into their kimono at dressing rooms provided at the Inamori Pavilion in the lower garden. Separate parking and entry through the bottom garden can be arranged with prior notice and proof of registration.


If you have any further questions, please contact Frederic Hewett at