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  • Japanese Friendship Garden 2215 Pan American Road East San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) is traditionally observed on November 15 in Japan. It is the day when girls who are three and seven years old and boys who are three and five are dressed in their finest clothes and taken by their parents to the nearby shrines to pray for their healthy growth and good health.  At the Japanese Friendship Garden, we will be celebrating Shichi-go-san by dressing up your three and seven year-old girls and five year-old boys in traditional kimonos and photographing them in our beautiful Garden. Your photos will be delivered electronically. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Contact us NOW! See below for more details.

Date: November 11 (Sat), 12 (Sun), & 19 (Sun)
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Place: Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego
Fee: JFG Member/$110 per child, Non-Member/$120 per child
Kimono Dresser: Yuko Niwa

* Family discounts - 10% off for siblings

* Your child (family) will have approximately an hour to change, dress up and photograph. Approximately 15 pictures will be sent with in the data file. Feel free to use your own camera to take photos during your sessions.

* Adult kimonos (for both mother & father) are available. Fees are an additional $40 per adult. Please contact us for more information.

* Fee includes kimono & accessory rental, dressing and photo shoot in the Garden. (Make-up or hair-do is not included. Contact us if you need any information about hair salons.) Please also note that the Garden is not a professional photography studio, however, we will have experienced volunteer photographers for this event.

* Come wearing a V-neck T-shirt, shorts or leggings. Shichigosan kimono and juban will be put on top of your T-shirt.

* CANCELLATIONS within 7 days of appointment will not be refunded.

* Event will be held, rain or shine.

For more information, contact Frederic Hewett at 619-232-2722 or email

日本友好庭園 七五三


   9:00AM ~ 4:00PM

場所:日本友好庭園(Balboa Park内)

料金:庭園メンバー=$110(大人=$150) メンバー以外の方=$120 (大人=$160) 家族割引有り

着付け担当:Yuko Niwa



  •  一家族様につき約1時間の中で、着替えと撮影を行います。
  •  費用に含まれるものは、着物及び小物レンタル(長襦袢、足袋、女の子用ヘアアクセサリーなど)着付け代、、園内写真撮影です。データファイルにてお送りできる写真の枚数は15枚までになります。
  •  大人(男女共)の着物もございますのでお問い合わせ下さい。(一人ずつの料金はお子様の額+$40)
  •  家族割引:2人以上の参加者-10%割引
  •  約束の日の7日間以内のキャンセルは恐れ入りますが、ご返金できかねます。
  •  セッション中はご自宅のカメラで自由に庭園内での撮影をお楽しみ下さい。
  •  メークアップ、ヘアメイクはご自宅でお済ませ下さい。ヘアサロンについてはお問い合わせ下さい。
  •  V又はU字ネックのTシャツ、ショートパンツ又はレギンス等の上から長襦袢・着物を着ていきますので、下に着てお越し頂く様お願いいたします。
  •  雨天決行(荒天の場合は中止)

詳細お問い合わせ又はご予約は日本友好庭園日本語スタッフ Frederic Hewettまで。

電話:619-232-2722 (日本語でも英語でもお気軽にどうぞ)


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