Kokedama (koh-KAY-dah-ma) is a unique form of living plant art. consisting of a ball of soil covered by moss with plants rooted in. 
Typical bonsai are used for as it is considered an “outdoor” tree, but other types of plants can be used when making a kokedama. A variety of flowers, wild flowers, grass, and other plants can also be arranged to form a desired theme. Because of the small size of the ball, the plants will typically remain the same size with the inside of the ball allowing for growth and development of the plant's roots.

  • Second and fourth Friday of the month + first and third Saturday of the month

  • Activity Center | Japanese Friednship Garden

  • Single session fee | $30 - $67

  • 6 session bundle fee | JFG member … $180; Non-JFG member … $220

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Each session is curated by instructor Kanako Yamada where students will be working with a different type of plant and discussing various topics associated with each session’s featured plant. Material needed and plants for each session is provided and covered with each session fee. No experience required!

Upcoming scheduled sessions are as follows:

  • May 10 Pothos /Kokedama’s history; creating & caring for kokedama  

  • May 18 Money Tree / Money Tree | Money Tree care; Feng Shui

  • May 24 Peace Lily / Benefits of plant 1

  • June 1 Fabian Aralia / Fabian Aralia care; benefits of plant 2

  • June 14 Succulents with Jute Twined with sliced wood message

  • June 15 Orchid / Orchid care; botany

  • July 26 Money Tree / Money Tree | Money Tree care; benefits of plant 1 

  • Aug. 9 Fabian Aralia / Fabian Aralia care; benefits of plant 2

  • Aug. 23 Orchid / Orchid care; botany

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Instructor: Kanako Yamada, Kodama Forest

Kodama means "forest sprits" in Japanese words and this business name was chosen because I wish all my kokedama deliver the peaceful forest spirits to new owner of the kokedama and he or she to share the peaceful world to their family and friends. To expand my dream, I hope my work help to create peaceful earth. I depict kokedama as small earth with little forest plants and I hope everyone enjoy the forest spirits and energy this moss-ball produce.

For more information on Kanako, Kodama Forest, or to inquire on custom made kokedama, click here.