Monthly Performances

Join us in experiencing traditional Japanese music through our monthly performances:

Location: JFG Exhibit Hall
Date & Time: Saturdays | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Free with Admission
*Please note this schedule is subject to change. Please check our Programs Calendar for the most updated dates and times.

Blue Kanon Ensemble

Blue Kanon is a Japanese music ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music on the Japanese koto (harp) and shakuhachi (flute). The group was formed in 2006, and since then has played for many cultural events in and around San Diego. Two of the members (Kyoko Takeda -- koto, and Jon Crick -- shakuhachi) perform every month at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. The Japanese characters for Blue Kanon (舞流華⾳音) translate as "dancing, flowing, brilliant sound". In English, the name suggests the wonderful blue sky and ocean that we enjoy here in San Diego.

Meet the Performers: Jonathan Crick and Kyoko Takeda

IMAGE_JonathanCrick (Courtesy of Jonathan Crick).jpg

Jonathan Crick first studied shakuhachi with Tatemi Shimizu in Japan in 1973 and has been performing continuously in San Diego with the Masazumi-kai koto ensemble, the Japanese Music Trio with Miznuno-sensei and Reiko Obata, as a koto-shakuhachi duo with Reiko, and with kotoist Kyoko Takeda as part of the Blue Kanon ensemble.

Kyoko Takeda, born in Tokyo, she worked professionally as an engineer and started playing koto in 1982. She began playing publically since around 2000 and has studied under the famous koto player and composer Toshihiko Mizuno since 2004.