What's New in May?

Yesterday we  welcomed our newest bonsai to our collection, donated to the San Diego Bonsai Club last month. It is an astounding juniper forest of six trees, with the seventh one planned to be added next year during soil changing. The specimen is a foemina upright juniper, just like some of the other bonsai on display. The SDBC president created a new four legged wooden stand on which the bonsai rests. Its position by the bend of the walking path is meant to reveal itself unexpectedly and surprisingly to the guests walking along. 

The kengai (cascading) style tree also has very moist moss wrapped around the branch in order to promote additional branch growth. JFG and SDBC are talking about creating QR bar codes linked to more plant information online, perhaps on the SDBC website. More news to come!

Questions and Answers from the Docents' Logs

Here are the questions you've asked this year in the paper logs:

Do we have Sumi Painting Classes?   No and there don't seem to be any in town.

How old are the koi in the pond?

  • There is koi information in our question and answer section
  • on NIWA.org there is a page devoted to the koi, identifying them with pictures, name, type and age.  It is dated 2015, so you might want to add a couple of years to the ages.

Several questions about Bonsai:  

  • Please look at the bonsai material in our questions and answer area and at the bonsai page at NIWA.org.  
  • The bonsai are not brought inside, regardless of the weather.
  • The thickness of the root is a desired look.  Because the plants are so old their roots have grown thick with age.

What is the blooming pattern of camellias?

  • According to the Monrovia Gardens website: "Depending on the variety they may bloom in late fall, winter and early spring."
  • A page on camellias was added to the question and answer area

What is the cost of the wedding kimono?  Priceless

What is the pruning process?

  • The pruning technique used in the garden is called "lacing."  There is a new article on lacing  in the question and answer area.

When was the stream built?

  • The koi pond was built in 1998
  • The stream in the upper garden was built in 2013
  • The stream in the lower garden was built 2014-2015