Photography & Videography

San Diego’s Japanese Friendship Garden provides a beautiful backdrop to capture memories within the Garden. We encourage visitors to casually take photos and videos for personal use and to record personal memories of their Garden experience. A permit is required for any professional or planned photo and film sessions in the Garden or for educational assignment. To ensure the preservation of the Garden, the JFG reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any photo and film activity, and may choose to discontinue the activity of any individual, or group if the Garden Etiquette and Photography Policies are not being observed.

Permits are required for all photo shoots, which are defined as a model or subject posing for a photographer, where multiple photos are taken then sorted to fulfill a desired purpose.

The wearing of costumed or ethnic attire in the garden does not require a permit, but is often an indicator of a photo shoot and our staff may approach you to ask if you are planning to do a photo shoot.  If you are not doing a photo shoot, just let our staff know and enjoy the rest of your visit. However, if a non-permitted photo shoot occurs you will be asked to get a permit from the front gate.


  • Personal/Formal Portraits: (No Reservation Required) (1 hour minimum required)
    Ex: weddings, engagement, proposal, family portraits, costumed attire, personal headshots, etc.
    $50 photoshoot fee per hour + Garden Admission

  • Personal/Formal Filming: (No Reservation Required) (1 hour minimum required)
    Ex: weddings, engagement, proposal, family portraits, costumed attire, personal headshots, etc.
    $95 photoshoot fee per hour + Garden Admission

  • Professional Photos: (Reservation Required, see below) (1 hour minimum required)
    Ex: Photo shoots for magazines, advertisement, and commercial/media usage
    $95 photoshoot fee per hour + Garden Admission

  • Film Productions: (Reservation Required, see below) (1 hour minimum required)
    Ex: Filming for TV shows, commercials, films etc.
    $425 photoshoot fee per hour + Garden Admission
    Possible discounts available for promoting the Japanese Friendship Garden

Additional fees ranging from $25 to $100 may apply in the case of added props for the photo shoot. Some props may also be deemed inappropriate and not allowed at all. Please consult with Event Coordinator or Gate Attendant prior to photo shoot to make sure what you plan to have is allowed and if any additional fees may apply.

Please print and complete the Photo/Film Shoot Permit Form and present it to our front gate staff along with payment.


We require all professional photos and film productions to be booked in advance with our Garden office to ensure access to the entire garden. Sessions must be completed within the contracted time. We recommend checking availability for Personal/Formal Portraits as reservations are not required. Photoshoots must be scheduled during the Garden’s operational hours.

Please contact Christina Zakimi at (619) 232-2780, or to make a Reservation.


  • Drones are prohibited.

  • Photographers/videographers must wear their badges at all times

  • No eating or smoking in the Garden.

  • Remain on all paths and do not obstruct any pathways or areas while visitors are in the Garden.

  • Do not climb, stand or sit on the rocks. (The flat stepping stones across the stream are ok)

  • Do not walk on Dry Rock Garden.

  • Do not touch or pick items off trees and plants or hang any items from them.

  • Do not feed Koi fish or toss coins into the Koi Pond.

  • Do not block pathways or other areas to other visitors.

  • Do not close the large wooden gate. That is a path for visitors and is not to be obstructed.

  • Photo/Film Shoot Permits are valid during the Garden’s operational hours.

  • All uses of images/film in print, web, broadcast, or any other public medium require the location credit.

  • Garden will obtain copies of media or photos for any professional photos or film productions for records.

  • Use of images/film for commercial advertising, or promotional purposes require written consent by the Garden.

Thank you for abiding by our policies and preserving the Garden for the enjoyment of other visitors!

For questions or clarification on our policies, please contact (619) 232-2780.












    $50 /1時間 (入園料含む)



    $95/1時間 (入園料含む)

*フィルム、テレビ、映画関係 予約必要

    $425/1時間 (入園料含む)



機材によっては $25 − $100




  • カメラマンの方はバッチを常につけていてください。

  • 食べ物・タバコは禁止です。

  • 園内では決められた道を歩いてください。

  • 岩に登ったり、座ったり、立ったりしないでください。

  • 石庭の中を歩かないでください。

  • 木を折ったり草花をとったり、枝に物をぶらさげたりしないでください。

  • コイには餌を与えたり、池にコインを投げたりしないでください

  • 園内の通路にて他の人たちの邪魔をしないでください。

  • 木造の大門は閉めないでください。 他の方々の通路になっております。

  • 写真撮影は営業時間中にお願いします。

  • 三渓園で撮影した写真、フィルムは用途にかかわらず三渓園のクレジットの許可を必要としています。

  • 三渓園でプロの撮影した写真やフィルムのコピーは三渓園の記録としていただきます。








Banner Photo Credit: Dominic Nepomuceno