david marshall

In conjunction with Balboa Park's 150th construction anniversary, Sake Talks will be featuring guest lecturers speaking on the topics related to the four pillars of Balboa Park: horticulture, recreation, arts & culture, and education. Architect and historian David Marshall will be sharing his knowledge and experience on what buildings and inspired Bertram Goodhue and other designers of the park's world-renowned architecture. 

The watershed moment for Balboa Park came in 1915-1916 when San Diego held the Panama-California Exposition. The fair organizers hired New York’s Bertram Goodhue as the exposition’s lead architect. Goodhue’s plans for the buildings in Balboa Park differed dramatically from previous exposition tradition. Rather than using the accepted style of Beaux-Arts, classical Greek, or Roman, Goodhue designed his buildings in the exotic Spanish Colonial Revival style. Many longtime San Diegans don’t realize that Goodhue drew inspiration from real 16th century buildings in Spain and Mexico, often borrowing features and details in order to make his “dream city” in Balboa Park seem as authentic as possible. 

Sake Talks will be held in the Japanese Friendship Garden's Activity Center. The evening's program will consist of the guest speaker's lecture followed by a Q&A portion with the evening concluding with a social mixer with the guest speaker, attendees, and JFG staff. Sake Talks will also be accompanied by sake and food from the JFG cafe. Event inquiries can be e-mailed to events-marketing@niwa.org