Shodo is a combination of calligraphy writing and zen enlightenment (Ku and Mu). During these classes, students will learn basic stroke skills and brush techniques to write beautiful letters. Students will feel natural energy flow through as their minds clear.

No experience necessary - beginner and advanced students are welcome!

Future dates to be announced!


Students are recommended to bring a goal (i.e. square/cursive style, Haiku Kana, Maki, The Heart Sutra, etc) as well as their own shodo materials which can be found online (i.e. Amazon) or at any local Japanese stores such as Daiso, Mitsuwa, and Marukai.

  • Fude | calligraphy crush

  • Sumi | ink

  • Hanshi | paper

  • Shitajiki | mat to be placed under paper

  • Suzuri | ink tray

  • Paper weight


Instructor: Harumi Osawa, Befu Calligraphy

Harumi Osawa has been displaying her calligraphy for the past few months inside the Inamori Pavilion and will begin teaching classes for those interested in learning more! Harumi has a dual certification - Okuden from the school of Kenroku and certification of Shihan authorizing her to have her own branch of “Nihon Shodo Kenkyu Kai (Shoken)”.

Harumi’s roots in Shodo started at the age of 5 where she learned her family’s school, Kenroku. She would be come an assistant teacher in high school for writing techniques based on major classical scripts. She started Kashu’s California branch and currently teaches seminars at Japanese schools and college Japanese clubs giving here 15 years of teaching experience in San Diego and over 40 total years of teaching and introducing shodo.

For more information on Harumi, Befu Calligraphy, contact her directly at <>