Making a fukinagashi kazari is a great group activity to build comradery or as a social gathering. The Los Angeles Tanabata created a five minute tutorial video available for anyone interested in creating their own! Get a head start on creating your own unique kazari to be displayed at JFG’s Tanabata Festival or another place of interest!

To submit your own fukinagashi kazari to be displayed at JFG’s inaugural Tanabata Festival, review the guidelines to submitting and complete the online application below:

  • Height minimum/maximum | Four (4) feet/Six (6) feet

  • Weight maximum | Six (6) pounds

  • Deadline for submission | Monday, 24 June

  • Deadline for pick up after festival | Friday, 12 July

  • Must be ready to hang

  • Failure to meet the pick up deadline may have fukinagashi kazari subject to be recycled or repurposed by JFG.

Find out more about the Los Angeles Tanabata Festival by clicking here or visiting their Facebook page!


Learn more about the different types of kazari by attending one of the JFG kazari workshops. Throughout June, guests are welcome to join JFG staff in the Activity Center to make their own kazari to either take home or leave for JFG to use a decoration during Tanabata Festival!

All kazari workshops are free with JFG admission. No RSVPs or experience required! All workshops will beginning at 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM on the following dates:

  • Thursday, June 06

  • Sunday, June 09

  • Thursday, June 13

  • Sunday, June 16


One of JFG’s goals is community engagement and see the kazari as an embodiment of connecting the San Diego community to other parts of the United States. JFG hopes to have various fukinagashi kazari (streamer decorations) travel from city to city, inspiring and unifying various individuals and organizations through shared experiences and common interests. JFG encourages anyone interested to become a host for the next location for a fukinagashi kazari, have it displayed after Tanabata Festival, and reach out to other potential individuals or organizations to become the next location and continue the program!

The large fukinagashi kazari that will be displayed and available for adoption were made in Sendai, Japan and sent to Los Angeles to be displayed. Sendai’s Tanabata Festival is the largest and most popular Tanabata Festival in Japan and is full of history spanning over many years. The inspiration for JFG’s kazari adoption program comes from the Tohoku Kizuna Festival. It’s purpose stems from the Tohoku Rokkon Festival which was started after the great earthquake in 2011 to support the restoration efforts. Today, the idea of restoration, tranquility, and uniting for a better future continues through the Tohoku Kizuna Festival which is held annually in a different Tohoku prefecture - Fukushima, Sendai, Yamagata, Morioka, Akita, and Aomori.

For more information, e-mail your inquiry to Jon at