History’s Keepsake: A Collector’s Gallery

October 4,2011 – December 6, 2011
Featuring collections from: Maurice Kawashima, Tracie Vaughn,
and Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Whitaker
The Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego is proud to host History’s Keepsake: A Collector’s Gallery featuring artifacts from our permanent collection and pieces from Maurice Kawashima’s admirable Arita-yaki and Kutani-yaki porcelain collection. Educated in the fashion industry with a fine eye for aesthetics, Mr. Kawashima has over the years become an avid art collector and contributor to many museums and organizations particularly in Balboa Park.  Most of Mr. Kawashima’s Arita-yaki collection dates back to the 19th century with several 17th century Kutani pieces.  He will also be displaying a collection of 17th century Chinese porcelain to demonstrate the design similarities and influences between the two country’s potteries. Mr. Kawashima will be our guest speaker for the reception.
In addition to the array of beautiful Japanese ceramics, there will be a magnificent 6-panel, Heian style Japanese screen (byobu) donated by Tracie Vaughn, as well as some ornately designed uchikake wedding kimonos donated by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Whitaker. The screens depict scenes from the famous Japanese novel, The Tale of Genji, which is celebrated for capturing the daily activity and attitudes of the Heian Era upper class. Known for their detail and vibrant colors, uchikake wedding kimonos are lavish in design and were once worn only by women of nobility. 
Please join us for History’s Keepsake: A Collector’s Gallery and experience Japan’s rich history through its exquisite artistry!