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50 Artists - 50 Fish

  • Japanese Friendship Garden 2215 Pan American Road East San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

The Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG) in Balboa Park is honored to work with San Diego State University's Richard Keely for the next exhibit in the Inamori Pavilion! Keely has invited 50 artists from an array of disciplines: painters, sculptors,  designers, metalworkers, whittlers, ceramicist, jewelers, dabblers, film makers, photographers and a host of others to make a fish that will be displayed on a 2’ x 2’ matte black tile that will be laid out in a grid on the floor of JFG's Inamori Pavilion. What Keely is hoping to achieve by giving 50 talented artist the vague, yet open ended prompt to “make a fish” is an installation that embodies the unique qualities of the minds and hands of each individual artist in relation to the space their work will occupy. The work will be presented in an unorthodox grid on the floor that will activate the environment and create a curious dynamic between the individual pieces, the viewer, the Inamori Pavilion, and the installation as a whole.

Featured Artists


Rizzhel Javier
Richard Burkett
Carlos Castro Arias
David Fobes
Matt Hebert
Adam Manley
Anna O’Cain
Mary Cale A. Wilson
David Hewitt

Cindy Zimmerman
Josh Eggleton
Kline Swonger

Abraham Romero
Chelsea Herman
Brigette Kimbrough
Marisol Rendon

Leslie Nemour & 
David Andersen


Terri Hughes
Mike Whiting
Lee Puffer
Robert Matheny
Jennifer Anne Bennett
Kristine Diekman
Stephen Mangione
Jim Cavolt
Max Lofano
Molly Gabbard
Jason Sherry
Aren Skalman
Yumi Kawamura
Ashley Fenderson
Griselda Rosas
Andrew Alcasid
Dean Ramos

Mary Manusos &
Julia Ambros Cue

Moses Muturi
Remi Dalton
Arzu Ozkal
Sondra Sherman
William Feeney
Abraham Romero
Ingram Ober
Ryan Bulis

Sondra Sherman
Nicole Deline
Gilbert Neri
Mas Nakano

Ronaldo Moya
Jones Von Jonestein
Lynn Susholtz

Siobhan Arnold
Xuchi Naungayan

Later Event: June 5
2018 Photography Contest