~ What is a Japanese Garden? What will it mean to me? Why does the garden look the way it does? ~

How do Japanese gardens support wellness?

Program fees: $125 … JFG Members/$135 … General
Upcoming sessions in June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th | 8:00 AM*
Inquiries can be e-mailed to

*Please note that sessions end between 10:00 AM and noon.

Learn how entering the garden as a guest for seasonal viewing and traditional garden insights can support the quality of your experience in a Japanese garden and impact the meaning in your daily life style to support your well-being.

The Path to Wellness (PTW) Program is a 5-week program designed to promote a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically using the philosophy of a Japanese garden. In this program, JFG becomes a classroom: a living, teaching environment to develop greater self-awareness and facilitate reflection. The PTW program invites participants to explore the garden before public hours and find a space for peace, solitude, and introspection. Through a series of visits, participants immerse themselves in the peace and serenity of a Japanese garden

Participants meet at 8:00 AM all Saturdays in June. Each gathering includes a group activity (these include: a guided tour of the Garden, meditation, origami, and tea ceremony) as well as time for participants to explore the Garden on their own, using a guided journal. The journal includes eight themed walks. Examples of these themes are: joy, gratitude, resilience, and forgiveness.

Led by Donna Kobayashi, founder of Shin ka in 2001. Shin ka was created to promote the Japanese garden as a learning environment. Encouraged by her teachers and family, Donna began to design programs that would integrate traditional teachings and how the Japanese garden, through its design and cultural content, could support well-being and address western lifestyle issues. Shin ka has provided an organizational vehicle for moving forward in providing programs and information on Japanese gardens, traditional teachings and well-being.