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Threaded, Traveled, Treasured: Kimonos From Japan In San Diego Collections

In collaboration with the Mingei International Museum and MiraCosta College, the Japanese Friendship Garden presents a special exhibition in the Inamori Pavilion of exquisite kimonos brought to San Diego from Japan. Each treasured kimono was donated to these collections with the intent of preserving a special part of Japanese culture and sharing it with visitors of diverse backgrounds. Join us in learning the stories of how these kimonos came to be collected in San Diego and the memories created because of them.

This exhibit will explore symbolic imagery seen on the kimonos including: birds, flowers, and natural landscapes. Additionally, Threaded, Traveled, Treasured will also look at how kimono are worn traditionally and as modern forms of self-expression.

Please join us in celebrating this collaborative effort and viewing these threaded garments that have traveled such far distances to be treasured by all.


Saturday April 02, 09

Friday April 15

Saturday May 14, 21

Sunday May 29


Top Picture: Irridescent Pink Kimono with peacock from the Japanese Friendship Garden Permanent Collection

Bottom Picture: Black Kosode with streams and lillies from the MiraCosta College Aizawa and Kameda Mingei Collection.